Hi Jay,

Thank you for your nuanced response.

I am somewhat aware of shamanic uses of nicotine, alcohol, and caffeine containing natural substances. But not nearly enough to be able to comment on it. I'd be grateful for any insight you'd care to share about this.

In this article, I mention these molecules because of their psychoactive nature, and because people who are energetically ungrounded often become much more sensitive to ANY psychoactive compound. This does not always help matters.

In my experience, when someone is oscillating between fear and elation, it is often helpful for them to temporarily discontinue recreational use of any such drugs, in order to regain some sort of equilibrium. When this has been achieved, of course, feel free to once more start drinking coffee, smoking cigarettes, and imbibing alcohol.

I am not sure I understand your "BAU SNAFU" comment. Could you clarify?

As to your last comment: I am a student and sometimes teacher of Buddhist meditation techniques, and the 8fold path more broadly. I am familiar mainly with Theravada philosophy and practice, but have looked around and practiced in other traditions, as well.

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