Hi Jane, I am glad you have found the path that works for you. And I am also glad that you are sharing it so clear and succinctly, to give anyone reading a sense of what your path has been like, and how Norse shamanism has been a force for good in your life.

We all need options, especially those of us who have gone through EDE and are struggling with life and our place in it. It's good to hear about your path, and perhaps it gives others reading this an alternative approach.

My path was different from yours, and my book will focus on Buddhist practices that can help someone find their way out of the thickets they found their way into.

I would however never say that mine is the essential and only way out of those thickets.

I believe that the tension caused by the EDE resolves when *you* allow it to. You give yourself permission to allow the tension to resolve, through whatever means are helpful to you, which for some people, and sometimes, involves complete surrender.

So, I'm of the "whatever gets you there" approach.

I am extrapolating from your responses that the shamanic way involves seeing things not just as wholly under the individual's control, but additionally as a factor of goings-on in the spirit world. This, to my mind, is also a valid perspective, for the right person.

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