Hi Graham, thanks for your response.

You are right, the ego death experience itself is generally — although not always — seen as highly rewarding.

But… the article is not about that.

It’s about the aftermath of ego death — something that has not been much discussed.

It’s in the integration of such an experience, when people tend to experience difficulties. And, as the article describes, there are ways to overcome them.

My own problems lasted for years. I have encountered other people who have gone through their own phases with this, and some who are still going through them.

Generally, when you’re in it, you don’t recognize that there is an integration phase that has stalled, gone on for way too long, and that can actually be addressed.

You just feel like the world has gone to ****.
Or that the outside world has nothing to do with you.
Or that you are trying to get back to the Truth you have experienced that one time.
Or you might just feel really really alone, as if no one ever understands you, or values your experience.

Or a thousand other symptoms, that can be somewhat fitted into the different categories the article posits.

You mention wanting to experience ego death, and to that I say: be careful what you wish for.

It’s not that it isn’t great. Not that it isn’t a milestone in your spiritual development. It can be.

It’s just risky. We live in an age of individualism, where traditional support systems for such experiences have lost much of their monopoly on guiding the processes that lead to such states.

In my humble opinion, without the availability of such unquestioned, and ubiquitous, support, having these experiences becomes very risky, mainly for the experiencer themselves.

And that’s what the article was about :)

Written by

Meditation student, and sometimes teacher.

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